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Word on the Street

Published: July 8th, 2010

New to the area, we’ve been spending a little time getting to know our neighbours, and getting to know the history of the Old City a little better too.

The West End of Temple Bar is certainly steeped in history. Located inside the Viking and Anglo-Norman city walls, this part of the city predates everything else!

We’re located on Exchange Street Upper, tucked behind Parliament Street. Exchange Street was named due to the fact that the led to the Royal Exchange (which has since become the City Hall). Before this however, the street was known as Blind Quay Upper, and even before this as Scarlet Alley – located right across from Cork Hill and Dublin Castle, you can only imagine what this narrow street has witnessed over the centuries. The cobbled street is now home to the Back Lounge (also the Front Lounge), the Paramount Hotel, Exchange Dublin, and most recently the Clyne Gallery.

Cow’s Lane is only a street away too, renowned in Dublin for its weekly Designer Mart, also for the Queen of Tarts cafe, the street offers jewelry, antiques, books – a diverse offering that justifies a snoop.

We’re delighted to be moving into the oldest part of Dublin, and especially looking forward to being part of Dublin’s latest cultural hotbed. If you are a neighbour, a seasoned visitor to the area, or even completely new to the Old City, please call in and say hello. We’ll be happy to see you!