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Past Exhibition: David Folan – Flight Test

Published: April 15th, 2011
May 19, 2011toMay 31, 2011

Clyne Gallery is delighted to announce a solo exhibition featuring the work of Irish sculptor David Folan from the 19th to 31st May 2011. The exhibition, entitled Flight Test, includes a series of framed sculptures and installations dealing with ethics in contemporary society by exploring themes such as transience, the commodification of living creatures and complicity.

The focal piece in the exhibition consists of a series of resin cast life size quails suspended from the gallery ceiling. The accompanying installations also feature cast life forms. Clear glass bottles hover above a shelf displaying rat pups and words, which construct a poem by the artist when seen together. Another striking piece comprises dozens of white spoons projecting from the wall of the gallery, each of which holding a coloured cast chick. When experienced together the colours form an intended pattern.

“Society as a whole is complicit in the factory style production of animals and their unnecessary deaths. The animals that I’m using have all been subject to a manufacturing process where they have been bred to be killed and used as food for exotic pets. While the show is not directly about animal rights, the pieces are designed to make the viewer question their own views on the subject” says Folan. The artist also emphasises that he only uses frozen specimens and they are always treated with respect.

David Folan has exhibited in various group shows nationwide in the past couple of years and his work is available in Clyne Gallery. He started his career as a furniture designer and his passion for art led him to expand his skills in the mediums of clay, bronze, plastic and steel as well as video and photography.

Flight Test opens on May 19th in Clyne Gallery and will run until May 31st.

Image: “In Grace.. Ascending” (Detail), David Folan