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Past Exhibition: Garvan Gallagher – Wearing Purple

Published: April 8th, 2011
May 3, 2011toMay 14, 2011

Clyne Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition of work entitled Wearing Purple, by artist Garvan Gallagher, as part of this year’s Bealtaine Festival, a unique and groundbreaking Irish festival celebrating creativity in older age.

Artist’s Statement:

“This is a story about growing old. It is a story of a small village in Co. Donegal, in the North West of Ireland and of some of its inhabitants; the people photographed are adults from my childhood.

It is a story of their perfectly normal lives photographed in their normal homes. This project brought me back to the adults I knew as a child, who now happen to be in the social category of ‘senior citizens’. The subjects range from 65 to 98 years of age – the eldest in my hometown and include my secondary school principle, the lady who taught me the accordion, the postman who was simply called ‘John the Post’, my very first teacher and some neighbours that I have only recently come to know. Each subject stares into the camera under an artificial light holding the cable release that runs back to the camera, each in control of their own portrait.”

Full details on the Bealtaine Festival are available at: