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Past Exhibition: Danilo Quo Vadis – “Anomalya II”

Published: May 26th, 2011
June 4, 2011toJune 18, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, 4th June 2pm to 4pm
Preview: Thursday, 2nd June 6pm to 8pm

“Anomalya II” runs 4th to 18th June

Italian born painter Danilo Quo Vadis has been interested in the underground creative scene since his teens. He paints on any material, depicting characters that ‘are left out of society’. He has instinctively developed his work on walls in abandoned and forgotten places, cinemas, clubs and squats from Krakow, Sarajevo, Lisbon and Berlin, preferring places where he has control over colours, music and space. He is a compulsive painter and has chosen to settle in Dublin,’ a place in which his characters, animals and views seem to find their colours, sustenance and smiles.

‘Anomalya’ is a momentary vision of estranged concepts, vivid sensations and soliloquy painted thoughts. This is atypical in the ‘street art scene’, devoid of icons and pop-up characters. It is a return to classical painting with an underground feeling.

The series of portraits painted on bread boards, are complex, severe and commanding and are the core of the show. The faces, proud of the wall surface, stare out into the show with an arrogance or fear. The images continue beyond the boundary of the board and wander freely over the walls. The paintings are segments of the greater whole; a small part of the bigger picture. Other works show Danilo Quo Vadis’ paint on found objects.