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Special Events: Live Art @ Clyne Gallery

Published: July 12th, 2011
July 15, 2011toJuly 24, 2011

Clyne Gallery will invite artists to lead a series of LIVE ART sessions throughout the Made in Temple Bar festival. This will involve solo artists, collaborative creative duos and teams working in the gallery space and the gallery’s secret garden to provide entertainment and art at give-away prices.

The sessions will be diverse and offer opportunities to artists to avail of all media that art embraces. Visitor participation will be encouraged at special sessions.

Details as they develop will be posted here, keep checking in!

Some LIVE ART sessions have been confirmed These include:

Live Painting and Afternoon Jazz
On Saturday 16th July Japanese guitarist Hirokazu Niwa is accompanied by a saxophonist for an afternoon session of improvised jazz. The duet will perform some of their programme in the gallery secret garden so that passers by may enjoy the music too.

Artist Sarah Sheil (featured in the Zombie Carnival exhibition) will be in the gallery, painting live between 2pm and 6pm. Sarah will be creating small works all afternoon, which will also be for sale.

Gallery Talk
On Friday 22nd July @ 1pm the Clyne Gallery will be host to a talk by novelist,playwright and script writer Paddy Kelly. This is titled ‘The History of Zombies in Film’. 20 seats @ €6 are available to include light refreshments..Please book by email

Paddy Kelly
Mr. Kelly, novelist and playwright, has to date directed two dozen professional theatrical productions, written half a dozen feature film scripts and is a regular contributor to various film industry publications.

He has just finished his third novel, The American Way, the second novel in his Building of Empire series, due out in September.

In the course of his career Paddy has also written a cookbook as well as writing and directing a cookery television programme.

Mr. Kelly, who attended undergraduate school in New York City and holds an M.Ed. from Boston has been writing and directing full time, for the last 12 years.

For further information: Google: writer paddy kelly.

Danilo and PJ
On Saturday 23rd July @2pm (free event) painter Danilo Quo Vadis and singer songwriter PJ Healy perform a visual and musical duet as Danilo creates visual masterpieces on interior doors whilst PJ charms him with his music. Please notify the gallery if you have a door you would like to commmission Danilo to paint. Images of Danilo’s work are included in the past exhibitions section below.

Pj is member of the band Lost at the Station, check out their music on MySpace: