About Us

Clyne Gallery aims to showcase the best creative talent in Ireland

* to make it accessible to a broad audience base and

* to elevate the perceived value of the works.

Clyne gallery is nomadic by nature and actively embraces diversity across all creative genres. The gallery has been uprooted from its fixed location in Temple Bar and has evolved into a transient space seeking alternative spaces for exhibitions, installations and performances in support of curatorial innovation in Dublin and beyond.


The culmination of over fifteen years engagement in the Irish creative industries places Clyne Gallery in a unique position to showcase some of Ireland’s strongest creative talents through a distinctive fusion of a broad spectrum of genres including fine art, applied art, craft, design, literature, poetry, performance,…


There is a wealth of creative artistic talent in Ireland today and there has never been a better time to start building a collection and attending events as the diversity of genres over a broad price range makes the works accessible to everyone; either as a tangible object of value or intangible experiential sensation.


Clyne Gallery is independent and enthusiastically encourages sponsorship that proactively supports the development of contemporary cultural heritage and offers the potential of a sustainable future for creative endeavours in Ireland.


Clyne Gallery is run by artist, freelance curator and art project consultant Patricia Clyne-Kelly.

Clyne Gallery was founded in 2010. It is an Access to Arts
The Clyne Gallery office is based in Portobello, Dublin 8.